Sillustani: Puno’s Pre- Incan Colla Chullpas

The Sillustani ruins are situated in the Puno region and are an above-surface Pre-Incan burial site approx. 30 km northeast of Lake Titicaca. Very few people are aware of these Sillustani ruins as it is not as famous as other Inca sites. But if you will visit these amazing off-beat spots, you will be awarded one of the best instances of ancient Peruvian archaeology in reality, and all of this is set against a glorious Altiplano background.

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A Tale Behind Sillustani

Colla people are an indigenous Aymara-speaking tribe. They conquered the Titicaca region before being subjugated by the Incas in the 15th century. These Colla people have established the Pre-Incan Sillustani ruins.

The site incorporates several stone funerary towers called Chullpas. The cylindrical towers reaching heights up to 12 meters are regarded as relatively more sophisticated than any subsequent Inca formations. For instance, the Colla people etched blocks with even rectangular boundaries, while the Inca people constructed their edifices using stones of contrasting shapes.

Sillustani Ruins

A Fascinating Site Beyond the History

Various other remarkable enchantments render Sillustani a destination well worth touring. The place itself and its encircling landscape loomed by the gleaming Laguna Umayo, possess immense grace. The Lake is venerated by the locals and is home to a plenitude of flora, animal, and bird life, involving flamingos, Andean geese, vicuñas (refers to a rare & endangered species of Llamas) as well as vicious guinea pigs.

On your way to the burial site, you will get to see numerous traditional settlements. Here, you can purchase local food, ranging from boiled potato to cheese and even Arcilla (a sort of palatable clay).

Sillustani: Puno's Pre- Incan Colla Chullpas

Visiting the Sillustani Ruins

The optimal duration to explore Sillustani is in the late afternoon when the sun flings the finest lights for photography. A visit to the Puno’s Sillustani ruins is well worth it if you are in the Titicaca region. It’s one of the best preserved and most spectacular archaeological sites of ancient Peru.

This visit to the Pre-Incan ancient spot can be combined with other extra activities like hiking, discovering the traditional lifestyle, local food, farming ways and so much more. If you can wake up early in the morning, you can also witness the mystique beauty of the rising sun that makes the place more stunning.   

Sillustani: Puno's Pre- Incan Colla Chullpas

Wrapping Up

A trip to this Pre-Incan Sillustani site, where a startling backdrop reflecting the ancient culture and facilities, will be worth visiting. So, the burial towers show impressive structures made by the Incas.

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