Sillustani Peru Half Day Tour

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Tour Details

Embarking on the Sillustani Half-Day Tour, you will find yourself on a captivating journey into Peru’s rich history. Sillustani is a mesmerizing archaeological site. It nestles on the shores of Lake Umayo. This location is approximately 34 kilometers, or 21 miles, from Puno.

This site, home to the ancient tombs called chullpas, will serve as our destination. The monumental stone towers, striking reminders of the Qulla people, promise a view into a bygone era.

As the day progresses, you’ll witness the intricate stone blocks used in the construction of these funeral towers. They are a testament to the advanced masonry of the ancient Aymara culture. 

The impressive cylindrical chullpas are much higher than the Inca ones. The noble families of the Colla people built them. This civilization was a significant pre-Incan civilization.

Your exploration will unravel the mysteries of these tombs belonging to a society predating the Inca Empire. The Sillustani Half-Day Tour is one of the most intriguing tour offerings from Puno. It promises an insightful and fascinating glimpse into pre-Incan times. So, prepare to be amazed by this link to the past, set against the breathtaking backdrop of Lake Umayo.

Departure & Return Location

Puno Hotel Transfer

Departure Time


Price Includes

  • Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • Pofessional English-speaking guide
  • Entry ticket to Sillustani Archaeological Site
  • Comfortable transportation
  • Guided tour of the Sillustani ruins.

Price Excludes

  • Meals and beverages
  • Personal expenses
  • Tips or gratuities for guide and driver
  • Travel insurance
  • Any other services not mentioned in the inclusions

Recommended To Carry

  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Weather-appropriate clothing
  • Sunglasses and sunblock
  • Camera for photos
  • Small backpack for personal belongings
  • Bottled water
  • Snacks or packed lunch if desired
  • Local currency for personal expenses.
What to Expect

On your Sillustani Puno Half Day Tour, you’ll get to delve into the intriguing world of pre-Inca civilization. You’ll start the tour with a scenic drive from Puno, Peru’s folklore capital, to the shores of Lake Umayo. 

Once you arrive at this serene lake, you will first notice its tranquility. Then, the towering funeral towers or “chullpas” of the ancient Colla people will come into view. These structures are impressive in size, with some reaching up to 12 meters (about 40 feet) in height. The intricate design and engineering prowess they showcase will amaze you.

Throughout the tour, you’ll learn about the Colla people’s traditions, beliefs, and their reverence for the natural world. Our experienced tour guides will provide fascinating insights into the construction process of these tombs. They will also explain the significance of their location near Lake Titicaca.

At the end of the tour, you’ll gain an appreciation for the architectural marvels. You’ll also enjoy the beautiful natural landscapes that contribute to the mystique of the Sillustani tombs. The tranquil Lake Umayo, adjacent to the tombs, adds a serene beauty to the site. This makes this visit a perfect blend of culture and nature.

Sillustani Peru Tour Overview:

  • You'll embark on a scenic drive from Puno, traveling approximately 21 miles (34 kilometers) to reach the enchanting site of Sillustani.
  • Expect to marvel at the towering funeral towers or "chullpas" of the ancient Colla people. Some of which reach up to 40 feet (12 meters) in height.
  • You'll learn about the fascinating history and traditions of the Colla people, an influential pre-Inca civilization.
  • Our expert tour guide will guide you through the site. They will be providing insights into the construction and cultural significance of these remarkable tombs.
  • Your Sillustani tour will also include exploring the serene Lake Umayo. They nestle adjacent to the tombs, and understanding its importance to the Colla people.
  • Prepare for a perfect blend of cultural immersion and natural beauty as the tour concludes. We will be leaving you with a deep appreciation for Peru's rich historical tapestry.

Sillustani Peru Tour

Your unforgettable half-day Sillustani tour from Puno will begin when we pick you up from your hotel. This will take place around 2:00 PM. A 21 mile (34 kilometers) scenic drive lies ahead of us. It will be leading us to the mystical Sillustani, where history and nature blend seamlessly.

We will traverse the serene landscape, encountering captivating views of Lake Umayo that cradle the archaeological site. Upon arrival, you will find yourself in the midst of the imposing funeral towers or “chullpas,”. These are a testament to the architectural prowess of the ancient Colla people.

Your experienced guide will provide you with in-depth knowledge of the Colla civilization. They will also explain about the noble families who constructed these structures. Lastly, they will highlight the significance of these tombs in their culture.

Each intricately carved stone will narrate a part of a story that transcends time. It will be offering a deeper understanding of the civilization that existed prior to the Incas.

Next, we will stroll around the shores of Lake Umayo, absorbing the tranquility and beauty that this place exudes. This is an ideal spot for those who appreciate nature’s allure and wish to capture some stunning photographs.

Finally, we’ll wind down our tour by heading back to Puno, reaching your hotel at approximately 6:00 PM. The memories from this enriching half-day tour will linger, as you continue your exploration of Peru’s vibrant history.

Sillustani Puno Tour Statistics:

  • Distance covered: Approximately 42 miles (68 kilometers) round trip.
  • Highest altitude: 3,895 meters or 12,780 feet above sea level at Sillustani.
  • Lowest altitude: 3,827 meters or 12,556 feet above sea level at Puno.
  • Level of difficulty: Easy to moderate due to walking at high altitudes.
  • Duration: Approximately 4 hours.

What is Sillustani?

Sillustani is an ancient burial ground located near Puno, Peru. It is most renowned for its chullpas, large cylindrical funerary towers built by pre-Incan and Incan cultures.

How old are the Sillustani ruins?

The majority of the chullpas at Sillustani were constructed by the pre-Incan Qulla culture, dating back to around the 12th century. However, some structures were later added by the Incas.

What makes the chullpas unique?

Chullpas are unique not only in their cylindrical shape but also in the intricate carvings and stone construction techniques they showcase. The precision with which these stones fit together, particularly in the Incan-built chullpas, is truly remarkable.

How much time should I allocate for a visit to Sillustani?

Typically, visitors spend between 1 to 2 hours exploring the site. This allows ample time to walk around, climb to the top for panoramic views of the Umayo Lagoon, and appreciate the chullpas.

What should I bring on my visit?

Due to the site’s elevation and open nature, it’s recommended to bring sun protection, comfortable walking shoes, water, and possibly some light snacks.

When is the best time to visit Sillustani?

While Sillustani can be visited year-round, the dry season between May and September offers clearer skies and less rain, making it ideal for exploration.

3 Reviews
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Solo Traveller

Our tour of Sillustani with Planet Odysseys was exceptional. The guide was deeply knowledgeble and passionately shared the rich history of the site. From booking to logistics, everything was seamless, showing how well Planet Odysseys understands their guest´s needs. A spell binding experience that left us awe of Peru’s cultural heritage.

July 3, 2023


Couple Traveller

The half day trip to Sillustani funeral tombs with Planet Odysseys was a fascinating experience. The informative guide provided rich insights into the site´s historical context, making the visit much more meaningful. A well-organized, educational, and enriching experience. Perfect for those interested in deepening theirunderstanding of Peru´s history.

June 16, 2023

Vicky Minnis

Family Traveller

Did this half day tour in Puno before flying back to Lima and it was a very timely and detailed trip. Often overlooked, the place has historic importance and having a good and knowledgable guide is definitely an icing on the cake

March 16, 2023