Legal Information

Planet Odysseys is an authorized tour operator. We provide our services in compliance with local and international travel regulations. Enjoy a safe journey with us.



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Name: Planet Odysseys EIRL
RUC: 20609998246
Planet Odysseys

Responsible Tourism

At Planet Odysseys, we are dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of all individuals, particularly children and teenagers, as we conduct our tourism activities. As part of this commitment, we strongly condemn and refuse to support or facilitate any form of sexual exploitation of girls, children, and teenagers. We fully abide by and operate under Law N° 29408, which sets strict rules and sanctions against any such actions. In doing so, we contribute to the efforts to combat these criminal behaviors and provide a safe, responsible, and ethical tourism experience.

Should we encounter or gain knowledge of any activities related to sexual exploitation or other criminal offenses during the conduct of our tours, we take immediate and appropriate action in line with legal requirements. This includes reporting such incidents to the relevant authorities and fully cooperating with any subsequent investigations. We believe it is our duty not only to provide unique and enriching travel experiences but also to help safeguard the communities we operate within, especially the most vulnerable members. By prioritizing the safety and well-being of all, Planet Odysseys continues to create a positive and responsible impact in the tourism industry.

Planet Odysseys