Amantani Island Peru – An Authentic Lake Titicaca Homestay

Amantani Island Peru: An Authentic Lake Titicaca Homestay

Want to experience panoramic views of the twin peaks, enthralling cultural experience, traditional way of life based on farming etc of the locals? The unique Lake Titicaca homestay gives tourists a very slight window into the genuine day-to-day life of Amantani Quechua residents.

The world’s highest navigable lake, Lake Titicaca procures startling vistas, glorious blue skies and terrific light. Summarising the entire equanimity of Amantani Island Peru itself, it is an experience that you will never regret having and also it would be one of the most mesmerising trips.

Amantani Island Peru: An Authentic Lake Titicaca Homestay

How to Get to Amantani Island from Puno? 

The fascinating Amantani Island Peru nestles around 40 Km (25 miles) away from Puno. It is on the Peruvian side of Lake Titicaca. The best and the only way to get to Amantani is by taking a boat from the main boat pier in Puno or Capachica Port, near Juliaca.

The best, safe and the most recommended option is signing up for an Amantani Island Homestay tour . This includes all transportation, accommodation, food and guide service.

Amantani Island Peru: An Authentic Lake Titicaca Homestay

How Big is Amantani Island

Amantani Island is spread over an area of 9.28 Km square in size and is circular. The island forms two mountain peaks, approx. 4000 metres above sea level are Pachamama (mother earth) and Pachatata i.e., father earth which offers staggering views of the shimmering waters of the lake at dusk.

Amantani Island Peru: An Authentic Lake Titicaca Homestay

Lake Titicaca Homestay on Amantani Island: 

During your visit to Peru, Lake Titicaca Homestay provides you with a chance to take part in the awe-inspiring orchestrated &  feast events. These events are an unforgettable cultural experience residing on a remote island in Lake Titicaca with the local Quechua people of Amantani Island Peru.

Amantani Island Peru: An Authentic Lake Titicaca Homestay

How can You Book a Lake Titicaca Homestay? 

If you are booking a homestay on Titicaca Lake, it will be on Amantani Island Peru. So, you may also refer to this amazing experience as “ Amantani Homestay” which is generally known among locals. You may get confused when locals refer to Lake Titicaca Homestay as Amantani Homestay. So there is no need to worry as both are similar things.

Wrapping Up: 

Now you can find a homestay on Lake Titicaca and get to enjoy the highest altitude elevations. Well, you can also be a part of exciting traditions, and orchestra during the daily cultural fest. Have a great trip!  

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